Types On Personal Insurance

  • As individuals, we are exposed to various unexpected events in our day to day lives.
  • They could be due to any unforeseen loss and / or damage / or injury / or illness to you or your family or damage to property – moveable / immoveable – owned by you. Examples abound.
  • You are employed and have taken a home loan. But due to factors beyond anyone’s control, you are unable to pay the home loans. An earthquake damages the home that you live in.
  • Family member suddenly having to be admitted to hospital incurring a huge financial expense.
  • A drunken motorist driving is a danger to the society and can cause real damage to families.
  •  Slipping in the bathroom and then being confined to bed is not very uncommon.

All these events have one thing in common. They cause disruption to our lives and cause collateral damage in the form of unplanned expenditure that cause a dent, often huge, in the finances of individuals, their families. The way out will be to identify what kind of risks do each of us face and then to protect ourselves.

One may not be able to avoid an accidental and unforeseen event, but one can certainly provide for and take cover against financial losses through Insurance.